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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is at the heart of what we do at Gooch Training Academy. Featuring both Gi and No-Gi, classes are designed to introduce new students to the key moves while allowing more experienced students the opportunity to cement their practice of the principal techniques. In this class we stress control, iron clad defensive principles, and methodical submission skills. Classes incorporate exact drilling, specific training by sparring from position and live rolling.

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All Levels GI & NO GI Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A more in-depth look at Jiu-Jitsu as it applies to competing with increasingly skilled opponents. Heavy focus is placed on flowing movement, drilling transitions and developing an attacking, submission-oriented style, as well as an increased emphasis on extensive live sparring. At this level students may begin to show preference for one set of techniques over another, so we spend quite a bit of time refining their individual styles. This class an absolute must for anyone interested in taking their skills to the next level.

Intermediate/ Advance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Beginners Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No Gi. Even though this is a "beginners" Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class we welcome all levels! This class is more slow paced and focus on the details, fundamentals, and transitions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We strongly emphasize in repetition so that later on it becomes second nature. You will practice "specific" training to become familiar and comfortable with all the scenarios you will come across in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. No experience? No problem! This is a great class to start your new journey.

Beginners Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A critical skill for Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and self-defense, wrestling and Judo is a fundamental part of the training at Gooch Training Academy. In this class, students will learn to move and defend themselves on the feet, as well as how to attack with a variety of throws and takedowns.

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Wrestling & Judo

Boxing will not only give you a great sweat but you will also build a stable foundation for the fundamentals of boxing. It may even become second nature. From jabs to hooks to rolls and 6-piece combos, this is a great class to try out for all levels! This class is full of high intensity energy of students constantly pushing each other! 

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Muay Thai will help students of all levels build a level of skill, confidence & fitness that will certainly benefit them in their daily lives. Our classes are open to people who have never trained a day in his or her life to the seasoned amateur looking for a new gym. Classes focus on pad and bag work, clinch work, light controlled sparring, and conditioning.

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Muay Thai/ Kickboxing
Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts involves a combination of striking and grappling both standing and on the ground. Techniques are used from various forms of martial arts. We are proud to be the home of successful competition fighters. We encourage those with aspirations to fight to start their journey with us, however, we require a certain level of experience with our grappling and striking programs. Contact us to inquire about this training! 

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