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Our Work

Martial arts has helped plenty of our students better their lives in one way or another. We believe that martial arts should be accessible to everyone despite age, location, income, etc., which is why we try our best to create content that is available to everyone.


Kimura Trap

There are many reasons why I love the Kimura trap but the three main reasons are:
1) You can transition into the Kimura trap from almost all positions
2) It works on all body types and style, Gi or No Gi. Big & Strong, Small and Fast, Husky and Slow, and even on your three year old daughter 😊, it doesn’t matter, if done properly can be effective and lethal

3) It’s a legit trap. A trap that opens you up to many attacks other then the one your initially attacking. Chain Attack System


Drills that build skills!

Check out this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu flow!

Submissions in order of appearance: Closed Guard ArmBar, Triangle, Kimura, Omoplata, Mounted Triangle, ArmBar.


The Gentle Art

Another great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu flow from standing to ground submissions


DLR Attacks & Drills

4 Basic & Effective attacks from the De La Riva Guard
Whether you use your DLR guard to sweep, submit or even enter other guards, the DLR is a “essential” guard to understand
Most of the time, your grips & sweeps can set you up for your pass which will then set up your submission 💯
•DLR ➡️ TriPod Sweep ➡️ Knee on Belly
•DLR ➡️ Sit Up Guard ➡️ Single Leg Trip ➡️ Over Under Pass ➡️ Back Take ➡️ Hangman Choke
•DLR ➡️ Sit Up Guard ➡️ Standing Single Leg ➡️ Over Under Pass ➡️ Back Take ➡️ Rear Triangle
DLR ➡️ Sit Up Guard ➡️ Ball & Chain Sweep ➡️ Flashy Back Take

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