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 Coach Kane is married with two boys (ages 6 and 8). He has over 20 years of wrestling experience with 10 of those years coaching high school wrestling. He was a coach and official for USA. Coach Kane also has had an MMA career.


His specialty and focus during his classes are to share his knowledge on freestyle and greco-roman wrestling with an emphasis on throwing technique. 


“I coach because it’s a part of who I am. It’s one of the things that defines me as a person and it allows me to remain a part of this sport that I love so much."

Coach Kane loves wrestling (and all grappling for that matter) because he doesn’t think there is a purer or more beautiful form of combat. He believes you can learn all you need to know about someone or yourself after one hard practice.


His life mission is to raise a happy and healthy family. At GTA, he hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of his students and help spread the great sport of wrestling. As wrestling is a very grueling sport, he plans to share his knowledge on how he maintains his discipline and how he uses wrestling in all aspects in life.


We asked Coach Kane: if you can tell your younger self something regarding marital arts, what would you say?


“I would say stay off the football field and get back in the wrestling room because that is the place that is going to define you the rest of your life and you will be happier for it.”

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