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Coach Mason is 22-years- old and a recent graduate of Duke University. His wrestling journey began at the age of 5. He wrestled division 1 and was a national qualifier during his time at Duke.


Coach Mason knows the power and control wrestling teaches. He consequently enjoys teaching others the principles and techniques of the sport. Some of his goals at GTA are to help students create realistic goals to help better improve their performance while also pushing them to their full potential.

He is currently training Jiu-jitsu and occasionally joins in on our striking classes. He immensely enjoys being a beginner at something challenging again. Taking part in the striking program sets Coach Mason as an example for those that feel a little discouraged to start a new class at GTA.

When Coach Mason is not teaching or training, he is pursuing his acting career, here in Los Angeles.

We asked Coach Mason: if you can tell your younger self something regarding martial arts, what would you say?

“The pressure you feel to excel at this sport is what will make you great. Do not try to escape that pressure or give yourself an easy way out. Just win. Have faith and just be what you envision yourself to be.”

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